We are now recruiting new members for 2019 activities.

We finished our activities in 2018.

We are now recruiting new members for 2019 activities.

We summarize our activities in 2018 here.

We had 32 times of meetings this year, too.

They are free of charge for oversea people who can speak English fluently.

We had a BBQ party in the spring.

There were many participants.

You can make good friends at our events.

Our events cost a little.

Most events cost 2000 to 2500 yen.

Volunteer English speakers who often attend our language meetings can join in our events free of charge using our "thank you point system."

We had various parties.

We went for cherry picking.

We enjoyed BBQ after it.

We went for lake-bathing.

We enjoyed BBQ at the lake.

We also enjoyed a hot spa after it.

We enjoyed BBQ in the fall, too.

We held a Halloween party.

We enjoyed wearing a costume and playing games.

We went hiking to Inunakiyama.

We held an Xmas party.

There were 63 people.

You can make many friends at our parties.

We have started to recruit new members for activities in 2019.

You can attend our language meetings free of charge as a volunteer English speaker if you speak English fluently.

Please check our English website for details.

We held a deer meat party on 1/26/2019
We held an Xmas party on 12/15/2018

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